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Curtain walls
Alu- and steel-glass facades, are now-days a characteristic element of, so called, cub-buildings. Thanks to they simple frame construction and the possibility of use of a wide range of fulfillments, curtain walls enable to realize the variety of architectural solutions, simultaneously by fulfilling the high technical requirements for buildings.

Doors and windows
By contemporary building industry, doors and windows are not only the basic use- and general outward view element of a building. Technical parameter of windows have to deliver required amount of light, protect against a loss of heat in winter, as well as against an excessive warming of rooms in summer.
Construction and equipment of doors is an element of access control, and by special performance, makes a fire barrier, which enable evacuation of people from an area taken by a fire.

Wall claddings
Element of elevation, made of composite-, aluminum- or steel sheets, gives to a building a specific outward appearance, therefore they are frequently elements of contemporary architecture of many buildings and structures. It happens because of a simple way of forming any shapes, as well as thanks to the wide range of colors that can be obtained by use of these materials.

Skylights and canopies
Roof windows (skylights) and a different sort of constructions that protect against snow and rain, make an important supplementary element of an architecture of many buildings. Except of functional requirements and a need of a proper composing themselves in a whole body of a building, they have to be properly tight and strong enough to resist against the effect of wind, snow and rainfalls water.

Whole-glass constructions
These type of elements, are characterized by way of mounting glass that differs from traditional fixing it in a frame. As an example, we can give fix- and moveable partition walls, panoramic cover of personal elevators, as well as facades with a point fixing glass system. These type of constructions fulfills the proper use functions, and at the same time, give an optical light to the particular elements of a building.

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