Alu-Progress Sp. z o.o.
03-885 Warszawa
Ul. Księcia Ziemowita 53
Tel. +48 601 230 548
Tel. +48 698 541 441


About us

Alu-Progress Sp. z o.o. (limited company) was established on 3rd December 2009.

The idea of arising the Company was to create a professional organization, acting on building market.
Our aim is to organize a company that offers modern solutions and innovative technology, basing on the current technical achievements. Hence our name, ALU – PROGRESS.

Our capital
The capital of the Company is the technical knowledge and job experience of its founders. Thanks to them we can offer:

  • not typical technical solutions
  • wide range of products and services
  • comprehensive realization of any projects


projekt: ROCKA® - Outsourcing IT