Alu-Progress Sp. z o.o.
03-885 Warszawa
Ul. Księcia Ziemowita 53
Tel. +48 601 230 548
Tel. +48 698 541 441


Job and co-operation

We are looking for employees

Persons of a different job experience in the building trade, are kindly requested for a constant monitoring an information included on this page.

We are looking for suppliers and sub-contractors

We would like to establish a co-operation with:

  • experienced producers of a locksmith, that make any facades, windows and doors in different aluminum- and steel systems.
  • independent installation companies, that through their skills and realization experience, can give a warranty of a high quality of installation, in the range of aluminum- and steel building constructions, as well as walls claddings and whole-glass constructions.
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